Recognized as one of the Hampton’s premier contractors of exceptional quality custom estates, Devito & Company specializes in new homes, additions and renovations, true historic restorations, home services, and renewable energy homes. The company enjoys a proud thirty year heritage of experience and is headquartered in Southampton, NY.

Having completed over four hundred projects and responsible for some of the most remarkable structures on Long Island, NYC, Boston, Washington DC and many other locations, we have provided exceptional quality.

Green and Sustainable Building – Devito & Company has also been introducing Green Building. The company is experienced in the use of geothermal cooling systems , has been at the cutting edge of passive and active solar technologies, was an early adopter of engineered lumber , and has photo documented sustainable yield forestry and selective harvesting in the Amazon rain forest. The owner’s leadership and commitment to green building goes back literally decades.

Exceptional quality and green building practices provide substantial benefits to our clients. The homes we build for our clients today are more conformable, healthy, use less energy, and have a smaller carbon footprint than what was possible in the past.

The success of Devito & Company is a simple formula of industry knowledge, unmatched experience, exceptional quality, fiscal responsibility, fast tracking capability and superior service. We, at Devito & Company take pride in being recognized as one of the area’s most reputable builders, specializing in premium quality estate homes, Landmark Restorations and Historic Reproductions. We appreciate the opportunity to be considered as your exclusive builder and look forward to complete involvement, in any way needed — from start to finish; from vision to reality.

While most builders promise, Devito & Company commits. Building a home is a highly personal and an intimate experience and we pledge to serve you with respect, dignity and honor. While most builders say their clients are their most important assets, Devito & Company delivers. It’s that simple.




Devito & Company’s roots began in the 1980’s when Frank Devito, aspiring to construct homes with the honesty and craftsmanship traditionally revered in his upbringing. 

James Green taught his grandson Frank from an early age, learning as a carpenter’s helper. Through Frank’s school years, Frank continued to hone his skills and started his own contracting business after graduation.

Frank Devito is President, Co Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Devito & Company and its affiliated companies.

After graduation he created his own contracting business and then joined with his longtime friend, Timothy Penatello, to create what was D&P Construction. D&P Construction Built 100’s of east end estates and had 150 employees & was sold in 1989.

Frank opened Bay Meadow Millwork in 1989 and started a company that provided custom hardwood windows, doors, trim & cabinetry for high end estates and landmark building. Providing reproduction & historic rehabilitation for buildings including the U.S. Capital, U.S. Treasury, Vanderbilt Manson(86th & 5th) OHEKA Castle, Yale University, University of Delaware, N.Y.U., Barrington Town Hall (RI), Suffolk Courthouse (MA), and many residences.

Frank also gives back to the community though his involvement in local service organizations.

As an environmentalist Frank has been a leader in the construction industry. During the 1980’s, Frank was an early adopter of the use of alternative energy sources such as passive and active solar, and geo thermal, for residential construction. At a time that green building did not exist, Frank photo documented sustainable yield forestry and selective harvesting in the Amazon.

Frank and his wife Oana-Maria live in Southampton, NY .They have a 5 year old son , Brooklyn Anthony.